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This article describes how you can integrate dataflo to your slack workspace

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How to Integrate Dataflo to my Slack workspace?

Integrating Dataflo to your Slack workspace is a pretty straightforward process. All you have to do is click on ‘Slack’ within the Settings.

Click ‘Connect Slack’ and you’ll be directed to the Slack authentication screen. Within the screen select the workspace you want to connect Dataflo and ‘Allow’.

Once you’ve connected successfully you’ll be redirected to Dataflo.

Within the ‘Select Channel’ drop down, choose the channel to which you want to receive your data alert.

If you haven't set any report cards, click on 'Create Report' and setup a report card to your Slack.


In the above flow, selecting a private channel is not possible. However you can add your private channel to the list by following these steps.

  • Add Dataflo within Apps in your Slack

  • Click on the drop down menu within Dataflo and ‘Add this app to a Channel’.

  • From the channel drop down, choose the channels which you wanted to add to the channel list within Dataflo.

  • Now you can view the private channel you’ve added within the Dataflo’s Channel drop down.

How to access Dataflo from Slack?

Here is the list of features of Dataflo you can access from your Slack.

  • Get notifications when you’re tagged in a comment by your teammate.

  • Create and schedule a report card to your Slack. Click here to know how to schedule a report card.

  • Get alerts when your data performs above or below 20% to the previous time range’s data.

  • Get notified when you are assigned with a goal and the status of data progress towards your goal.

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