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Subscription dashboard is the one stop solution for all your analysis around your subscription metrics. This dashboard helps you from juggling between your Subscription dashboard and your spreadsheet.

How to Setup your Subscription dashboard?

Navigate to Data sources on your left menu and you will find the list of all the available subscription data source within the Subscription category. Toggle on the Subscription data source you use, to kick start the Subscription dashboard setup.

Click on the ‘Connect Now’ and you will be directed to the authentication screen.

Follow the Onscreen instruction or check out the demo video and Authenticate your Subscription data source.

Once your Authentication is successful, you’ll be directed to the post authentication screen. Within the screen click ‘View dashboard’ and get directed to your Subscription dashboard. Hold on for sometime as it might take some time to set up data in your entire dashboard.

Meanwhile connect any other data source or explore the application and get your hands on more exciting features.

Once your data is loaded you’ll view all the metrics related to your Subscription data source. However you cannot add or remove metrics to your dashboard you can resize and reposition the metrics by moving the metrics of your choice.

Reposition the metrics within your dashboard

You can arrange the metrics within your dashboard in a sequence of your choice by just dragging a card at the top.

Resize the metrics within your dashboard

You can resize the metric cards within your dashboard in a dimension of your choice dragging at the outline of the cards.

How to view data for different time ranges?

You can view your data within the dashboard for several different time ranges of your choice. The time ranges will be listed as default within the top right of the dashboard.

You can either directly choose the latest data from the list at the top or choose previous time range data by picking any past time ranges from the drop down menu.

If you select any time range, the data within the dashboard metrics will change as per the time range selected.

Once you’ve selected a time range, you can view the start and end date of the time range.

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