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Configure Report cards
Configure your report cards
Configure your report cards
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Report card is a consolidated view of your favorite metrics at one single place. The great part about report cards, you can customize your report cards as per your choice.

How do I customize and schedule report cards?

Knowing that report cards are customizable, let’s dive into the customization part.

Click the ‘Settings’ icon in the and that brings the list of features in the left sub menu. Within the menu click on ‘Report Card’. Give your report card a name and get going.

There are two parts within report card configuration:

  • Choose your metrics

  • Schedule your report card

Choose your metrics

Within this section you can choose metrics that you have to track in your report card. First, you’ll see the list of data sources you’ve connected. Choose the data source and you’ll get the list of non segmented metrics available within the data source in the parallel drop down.

Now pick the metrics you want to analyze data for. Likewise continue the same and select up to 6 metrics.

Schedule your report card

After choosing the metrics, schedule when and where you want your report card.


Within Period drop down, select the time frame you want to view data.


Within Delivery, you can choose when you want your report card to be delivered.

Choose the day and time within this section.

Delivery Medium:

Within the delivery medium, you can choose where you want to receive your delivery.

Click Slack > Channel > Choose one or more required channels from the list.

Finally, hit the ‘Create’ button and your report card will be configured.

Create more report cards and start tracking your performance in cards.

To view the report card head to your Slack channel to which you’ve configured the report card.

Get your report cards summary

View the summary of all the report cards in one place. You can view the basic details of the report card within a summary like name, medium, recipient, status with edit and delete option.

You can edit the report cards you’ve created previously by clicking on the Edit icon within the summary.

Once you click on the edit icon, you’ll be navigated to the report card configuration screen. Edit the report card and update.

If you no longer want a report card, click on the delete icon and remove the report card from the list.

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