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Dashboard to measure your Ads performance
Dashboard to measure your Ads performance
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Do I have dashboard templates for every department?

Wanted to have dashboards for every department within your GTM team? We have got you covered.

Yes, pre-built dashboards curated specially for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.

Dashboard to measure your Ads performance

Paid template is a dashboard that is built with the metrics you’ll need to measure your ads performance in different channels.

Check out the paid template by toggling to Marketing in the dashboard.

Once clicked you’ll find the tab list of prebuilt dashboards available within marketing. Within the tabs available choose “Paid”.

Within the Paid template, there will be a set of metrics and KPIs at the top of the dashboard.

Next to the metrics, there will be a funnel that depicts the conversion from Leads to deals won.

Channel summary table is a list of channels (data source you’ve authenticated) with the data of the ads performance of certain crucial metrics.

The data for the channel is the summary of the metric within the period of time. The time period for which you want to view the data can be selected from the preset time frames given in the top right of the dashboard.

The data will be displayed as per the time frame you choose.

You can also view data for Ad spend on campaign and conversion data for Leads, MQL and SQL in a pie chart segregated by ad datasource for better picturization.

Below the channel summary table, you can see the list of channels with campaign breakdown. Campaign wise breakdown within the channel will be given for the same set of metrics for the same preset time frames.

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