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What is mapped and unmapped funnel?
What is mapped and unmapped funnel?
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A Funnel dashboard is a dashboard that helps you understand your leads’ behavior at different stages of their journey.

With a funnel dashboard you can have a clear picture of how your efforts work at different stages.

With a funnel dashboard you can analyze your leads flowing to your website till they become your customer.

How to use the funnel dashboard?

You’ll be having a separate dashboard for funnel within your left menu. Within the dashboard, you’ll have two different options to view your dashboard.

  • Mapped Funnel

  • Unmapped Funnel

What is a Mapped Funnel?

Within the mapped funnel, you can analyze the evolution of out of the leads your website generated till how it is trickled down to the customer.

To put it in a better picture, within the given time ranges you can pick up any time range of your choice and can view how many leads have been generated with the chosen time range. Out of the leads how many deals are generated, from the deals the count of deals created and the deals won from the created deals.

Within the funnel, you can view the count along with the percentage of the conversion within every stage.

What is an Unmapped Funnel?

As the name itself says, every metric within the funnel is the summary of the time range. The metrics within the funnel are non correlated to each other i.e, the deals won doesn’t have to be the deal won out of the deal created in the same time range instead it can be from won from the deal created out of the time picked.

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