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Integrate Slack with Dataflo
Can I analyse data directly from Slack?
Can I analyse data directly from Slack?
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You can access data from Slack without even Logging into Dataflo. This also means that you can view and analyse any metric directly from Slack.

Additionally this will also be time saving as you can quickly view metrics of your choice in a few clicks.

Now that you can analyse data from Slack, how do you go about doing that yourself?

‘Slash Commands’ for the go. Slash commands help you analyse your data directly from Slack.

What is a Slash command?

Slash command is a feature that helps you perform shortcuts within Slack in a few clicks for a bunch of actions.

Dataflo X Slash command

It’s clear that you can access Dataflo from Slack and that can be done using the Slash command. So how do you do that now?

Using “/metric” command viewing metrics is as simple as breathing.

For instance, If you want to quickly check how many users your website got last month, you’ve to quickly type ‘/metric’ in any of your Slack channels and proceed with the below steps.

1. Inhale - Choose a data source from the dropdown

2. Exhale - Choose the metric you want to see

3. Get Settled - Pick the time period for which you want to see the metric

4. Be kind - Share your metric within channels by picking one from the dropdown.

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