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Report to your Investors from Dataflo
Report to your Investors from Dataflo
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As a CEO, you might struggle with reporting your company’s data performance to your Investor consistently as that could be time consuming. With Dataflo, you can curate an entire dashboard in just a few minutes for your Investors.

How do I customise my Investor report?

Note: Before you set up your Investor dashboard it is mandatory to authenticate your subscription datasource.

Once you’ve authenticated your subscription datasource, you’ll have a default dashboard where you can customise it of your choice.

At the top there’ll be notes where you can give a narration of your data and label it with a heading.

Below that you can choose the metrics of your choice from the “+Metrics” and have it in your dashboard.

You can also choose a custom metric from the ‘+Metric’ as line or bar chart, and enter data in the excel sheet and upload it within the metric in the dashboard to visually view the data.

Can I craft my email?

Click on the Preview option at the top right of the Investor dashboard and enter the email address and subject for the mail.

Below that you can also enter a context for the email and at the bottom you can edit your conclusion text as well.

By clicking on the preview at the bottom, have a look at the final output of your Investor email, verify the format and send it to your Investors.

Have your investors list ready

Within Settings, select Investors and you’ll view the list of the Investors. Click on the ‘+Investors’ and add the Investors by entering the details.

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