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Dashboard to measure organically generated leads
Dashboard to measure organically generated leads
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Organic template is one place where you can measure all your organic leads and data related to those leads.

In order to check the organic leads, click on the drop down at the top left in the GTM dashboard. Choose Marketing from the list of options. Within the marketing select Organic from the tab view.

Within the organic template, you’ll get to measure the detailed view of traffic that’s generated to your website, how your top of the funnel works ,lead details and your website behavior explained with key metrics .

Within traffic, the measure of traffic to your website will be given in metrics like total users, new users, new users vs organic new users and the traffic segmented by channels.

There is an individual section for the top of the funnel which is encapsulated of metrics like total users, sessions and leads.

Below that, there is a table with the metrics like session duration, page views, average page view per session and bounce rate to provide you an overview of how your website is performing.

Alongside there is a separate section to display the leads and the count of what is the status of the leads.

In the organic dashboard, you can view data for different preset time ranges however you cannot resize or reposition the cards in the dashboard.

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