HubSpot CRM Integration
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Prerequisites for connecting HubSpot CRM

Before you authenticate your HubSpot CRM with Dataflo, make sure you have super admin privileges in your HubSpot account.

How to connect?

In Dataflo’s datasource screen, within the CRM category you’ll find HubSpot CRM. Switch the toggle for the HubSpot and you’ll be navigated to the authentication screen.

Within the authentication screen, click on the “Authenticate” button.

After clicking on authentication, you’ll be navigated to the HubSpot login screen where you’ve to enter the HubSpot credentials and the code for authentication.

Once you’ve entered the correct credentials and code, choose the account you want to sync data to Dataflo and click connect app.

After the authentication is successful, you’ll be navigated to the Dataflo screen where you can click “View Dashboard'' and checkout your dashboard.

Maximum historical data sync

Data will be synced for the metrics that have been displayed in the HubSpot dashboard for a historical time of 2 years.

Verifying that the integration works

If the integration is successful, you’ll be redirected to the sample dashboard and once the data load is complete you’ll get your actual data as metrics in your HubSpot dashboard. If there are any issues with integration, you’ll either be notified by an error message in your authentication screen or you’ll not get your sample HubSpot dashboard.

Data load in HubSpot dashboard

After the authentication is successful, data sync might take some time depending on the volume of the data. Until then we’ll display a sample dashboard to provide customers with a feel of how their HubSpot dashboard will look once the data is loaded.

Removing Dataflo from HubSpot

In order to remove your HubSpot account from Dataflo, you’ll have to go to the datasource screen. Within the CRM category, you’ll find the HubSpot with toggle on. To disconnect the data, switch the toggle to off.

While switching the toggle, you’ll get a pop up to ensure the delete activity by entering “permanently delete”. Then click on Disconnect to ensure the action. Now your HubSpot account is permanently deleted from Dataflo.

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